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Podcast Episode - Day in Technology History

Day in Tech History: September 13th


IBM introduces the first computer disk storage unit, the IBM 305 RAMAC , the first hard drive, as part of the IBM RAMAC 305 computer. The drive features fifty double-sided twenty-four inch diameter platters, served by one arm and one read/write head. The capacity of the disks is about 5MB each, and the transfer rate is 8800 characters per second.


Control Data introduces the Control Data 110 microcomputer. Price: US$4995


The Osborne Computer Corporation declares bankruptcy, two years after producing the first portable computer, the twenty-four pound Osborne I. Designed by company founder Adam Osborne, the US$1,795 machine includes software worth about US$1,500. The machine features a five inch display, 64KB of memory, a modem, and two 5 1/4-inch floppy disk drives.


Steve Jobs informs John Sculley of five Apple employees will resign to join him in his new company. They are Bud Tribble, Dan’l Lewin, George Crow, Rich Page, and Susan Barnes.


An immense British banking computer error awards £2 billion to banking customers that didn’t belong to them within a thirty minute period. According to a Citibank subsidiary, .7 per cent of the funds were never returned.


A US Court of Appeals rules that reverse engineering is a legitimate business practice. The ruling comes in the Nintendo vs Atari copyright infringement case. The court rules, however, that Atari had infringed Nintendo copyrights for other reasons.


The Ulysses robotic spaceprobe passes the Sun’s south pole.


Hayes Microcomputer Products,Inc., announces they will close its manufacturing plant in Thousand Oaks, California and put up to 375 persons out of work. The company claims the company will save up to US$6 million annually after an initial US$6.5 million in costs to close the facility.


A group of computer hackers calling themselves “Hacking for Girlies” deface The New York Times website, renaming it HFG. The hackers express anger at the arrest and imprisonment of Kevin Mitnick, the subject of the book “Takedown” co-authored by Times reporter John Markoff. In early November, two members of HFG will tell Forbes magazine that they initiated the attack because they were bored and couldn’t agree on a video to watch.


3Com Corporation reveals plans to spin off its Palm Computing Unit, which they originally obtained through their US Robotics acquisition.

IBM unveils the new line of IBM RS/6000 workstations based on the UNIX software operating system and targeting customers of Sun Microsystems, Inc. The IBM RS/6000 B50 starts at less than US$4,000.

Version 6.00 of Corel Paint Shop Pro, a bitmap and vector graphics editor, is released for Windows.


Version 7.3.1 of the Fermi Linux operation system is released. Fermi Linux is a catch all designation for Linux distributions used by the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), which are based on Scientific Linux.


Adobe Systems releases the Dreamweaver 8 HTML editor for personal computers.


Version 1.5.0 of Rdesktop operating system, a free, open source client for Microsoft’s proprietary RDP protocol, is released under the GNU General Public License.


YouTube begins testing a live streaming option with four YouTube partner sites.

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