October 9

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Day in Tech History: October 9th

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BBC 1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4… The BBC officially announces that it will begin television service on November 2.


A contract is signed to develop the BINAC, the first electronic digital computer with a stored-program capability to be completed in the United States. The BINary Automatic Computer will be the only computer ever built by the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Co., founded by ENIAC pioneers J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly. The company will become a division of the Remington Rand Corp. before completing its next project, the UNIVAC. The BINAC will have a capacity of 512 words and cost US$278,000.


The Data Processing Division of IBM introduces the IBM 3850 mass storage system.


Apple, Inc. settles suit with Apple Corps, a multimedia company owned by The Beatles, agreeing to pay US$26.5 million.


Minor Threat and Mucho Maas release ToneLoc Version 1.10, a Wardialing Program for DOS. They got Paid to do the DOS thing.


The Hayes Corporation, a manufacturer of computer communications hardware, files for Chapter 11 protection in US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. This is the second time the firm has filed since 1994.


The New York Times reports in an interview with Paul Packan, a scientist working for Intel Corporation, that semiconductor engineers have reached an impasse in regard to downsizing silicon transistors. Meanwhile Intel executives are quick to caution that they fail to see the problem as insurmountable.

Philips Electronics announces that it is discontinuing its line of Nino 200 and 500 handheld computers.


AMD introduces the 1.33 1500+, 1.41600+ and 1.53GHz 1800+ Athlon XP processors $160-252 The US Supreme Court rejects Microsoft’s request to hear an appeal of its antitrust case.


Van T. Dinh, age 19, of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania is arrested on the campus of Drexel University on charges of hacking and identity theft committed last July in an elaborate scheme to dump worthless options for Cisco Systems stock. It is the first time computer hacking and identity theft have both played a part in a fraud prosecution brought by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The teenager allegedly lured victims in an online stock-discussion group to download a key-logging program that he claimed was a stock-charting tool. After using the program to monitor his victims’ machines, Dinh allegedly obtained the log-in and password information for a TD Waterhouse Investor Services online brokerage account owned by a Westborough, Massachusetts, man. With the victim’s account information in hand, Dinh used his own online brokerage account to create orders to sell worthless option, then hacked into the victim’s online account and created corresponding buy orders for the options, to the tune of approximately US$46,986. SEC official don’t comment on the teen obtained the money to buy the put options he erroneously sold, but they do note that the SEC investigation is ongoing.


NBC debuts the TV show Heroes

Version 4.4 of the Scientific Linux operating system, “Beryllium,” is released.

Google acquires YouTube for $1.65 billion [1]


Rhapsody works an agreement with TiVO for it’s service to be put on all set top boxes.


The former CEO and chief financial officer of software-as-a-service provider Entellium are arrested after allegedly lying to investors about the company's revenues.

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