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Day in Tech History: October 7th

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“And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor - Shall be lifted – nevermore” - Edgar Allan Poe dies at 5:00am four days after being found in a Baltimore, Maryland gutter.


IBM displays a large all-transistor calculator needing only five percent of the power of comparable electronic ones. Three years later, in 1957, IBM will introduce the IBM 608, the fist all-transistor commercial calculator.


The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) introduces its Code of Self-Regulation for cinema film releases with four grades of classification: G (general), M (mature), R (restricted, no unaccompanied children) and X (over 16 only). The code will go into effect on November 1.


Three product announcements are made by IBM: the IBM 3410 magnetic tape subsystem; the IBM 2596 card read-punch; and extension of the 96-column punched card to the IBM System/360 and IBM System/370.


The Macintosh Introduction Plan, a list of popular developers and celebrities that are invited to beta-test the Mac, is written.


The first round of The Computer Bowl, an annual televised game show of computer trivia pitting the gurus of the East versus the wizards of the West, was held. Mitch Kapor and Bill Joy were the MVPs, winning a place on the all star team.


Mediagenic files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It would eventually be merged back into the “Activision name


Sun Microsystems takes legal action against Microsoft for shipping Internet Explorer 4.0 with a non-standard implementation of the Java programming language. Sun files a breach of contract lawsuit in U.S. District Court in San Jose, California.


Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) supervised the destruction of forty thousand pirated games on Compact Discs (CD). The Paraguay-bound shipments from Taiwan and Singapore were uncovered by United States Customs Inspectors in Miami, Florida during the course of routine inspections. Following the supervised destruction, the discs are recycled by GreenDisk. Forty-four different first and third-party PlayStation titles are represented in the pirated lot, including” PARAPPA THE RAPPER, RALLY CROSS and NBA SHOOT-OUT ‘98 with a retail value greater than $1.5 million.


Jeff Herrings, of Renegade BBS software, announces that he will cease work on the project and declares the lineage dead.


Palm announces its first Zire handheld computer, featuring a 16MHz Motorola Dragonball EZ processor, 2MB RAM, 2MB ROM, the Palm OS 4.1, a 160×160 pixel monochrome 1.9-inch LCD screen, and a rechargeable battery. Price: US$99 Weight: 3.6 ounces


A disgruntled Philadelphia Phillies fan is charged with hacking into computers triggering spam e-mail attacks.

Nokia releases the N-Gage handheld video game system worldwide. It features a 104 MHz ARM processor, 64MB RAM, a 176×208 pixel 4096-color display, cell phone functions, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, XHTML web browser, MP3 audio player, email support, stereo FM radio, and instant messaging. Games are available on MultiMedia Cards. Price: US$300 Yahoo!acquires Overture Services, Inc. to provide Yahoo!Search Marketing products.


MSNBC Purchases Newsvine


The Supreme Court denies a push by the Samsung to require memory chip designer Rambus to pay its attorney fees for a dismissed patent infringement case.

A federal jury in Virginia rules that cable provider Cox Communications did not infringe on Verizon Communications' patents related to Internet telephony.

Verisign sells its 49 percent share of Jamba to its partner, News Corp., for $200 million. Jamba basically makes ringtones.

Virgin Galactic declines an offer from a porn producer to shoot zero gravity sex. He was willing to pay $1 Million for the first movie shot in space.

Google launches Adsense for games.


Virgin Mobile announces Mobile Navigator - a GPS service that will debut on LG Rumor2.

Google adds Formatted PDF in their quick View option on the search page.

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