November 19

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Day in Tech History: Nov 19th

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The first over the air commercial TV station in Hong Kong was established. It is currently known as TVB


The IBM 1620 scientific computer is withdrawn from the market. It was released on October 21, 1959.


UNIVAC announces an agreement to acquire RCA’s computer customer base of five hundred companies and government bureaus (more than 1,000 computers) for US$70.5 million plus fifteen percent of revenues generated by existing business. One third of RCA’s 7,500 computer work force are retained by UNIVAC after the acquisition.


Radio Corporation of America (RCA) launches the Satcom IIIR satellite, the first satellite dedicated entirely to relaying cable television programming.

President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines bans video games in the country, because of the concerns of parents and teachers regarding their impact of the morality of children.


Michael Elansky, known by the web handle The Ionizer, is sentenced to twenty-eight months in prison for posting bomb-making instructions on his BBS. Elansky has been held for nearly four months in prison, unable to make a US$500,000 bail.


IBM demonstrates a new way to transmit data through the human body at the COMDEX show in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Bell Laboratories in New Jersey announces that it has developed a 60-nanometre MOS transistor that is one quarter the size of current transistors, five times faster, and uses sixty to one hundred sixty times less power.

Micropolis, a hard drive manufacturer, files for bankruptcy protection and indicates its intent to liquidate its assets.


The Wildcat BBS Software product line is sold to Santronics Software., including: the Off-Line Xpress BBS Mail Reader, Wildcat! Interactive Net Server, and Wildcat! BBS. Read the original announcement


Eric Burns, age 19, of Shoreline, Washington, who used the computer screen name Zyklon, is sentenced to fifteen months imprisonment, three years of supervised release, and a restitution payment of $36,240 for hacking. Burns pled guilty on September 7, 1999 to intentionally hacking a protected computer and causing damage.


Microsoft releases the Office v. X office suite for Mac OS X. The suite includes Word X, Excel 5, and PowerPoint 4.

One hundred fifty-six websites hosted hosted by Vietnam’s largest ISP and only Internet gateway are hacked by a group calling themselves revengetheplanet. Most of the sites hacked are either owned by the ISP or government organizations, such as the Communist Party.


Nintendo releases the Wii video game system in North and South America. Price: US$249.99, CDN$279.95


Microsoft releases Visual Studio 2008 and .Net Framework 3.5

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the Kindle e-book reader. 10.3 ounces, Bezos said it weighed less than most books. Kindle also had an electronic ink technology that would mimic paper. Battery life could last up to a week. Price: $399


Steve Ballmer announced Microsoft will not go after Yahoo! anymore. Because of this, Yahoo shares drop 21%

Guns and Roses announced they will release their newest album on MySpace one week before being available in record stores.


A Technical issue caused ebay search to go down for the weekend.


A report that fools news media suggested that a Dutch agency concluded Wifi signals poisoned trees and other plants.


Barnes & Noble release the Nook Color for $249


Facebook publicly denies a search alliance with Yahoo after reports from the Sunday Telegraph say other.


Protesters disrupt a fireside chat with Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer because she is also on the Walmart board of directors

Flickr adds an option to order photo books from the photo sharing site.

Google released the Glass Development Kit along with 5 new apps.

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