November 11

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Day in Tech History: Nov 11th

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The IBM Data Processing Division (DPD) demonstrates the IBM 2980 financial terminal, which will be available to banks under special order in Miami.


The IBM Data Processing Division (DPD) announces two new versions of the IBM System/370 mainframe computers, Models 115 and 125.


Jim Clark announces to his Mosaic Communications employees that the company will now be named Netscape Communications Corporation.


Adobe Systems releases the version 4.0 of the Photoshop graphic editing application for Macintosh, Power Macintosh, and Windows systems. This version includes the addition of adjustment layers, an Actions palette, and enhanced Web support. It also refines existing features by updating the user interface with a Navigator

palette, guides and grids, and a standardized toolbox. This version also features a notably increased set of system requirements, including a minimum of 16MB of application RAM (32MB recommended) and 25MB of hard disk space. Price: US$895


AOL acquires Personalogic, Inc., a company well known for its online consumer guides.

IBM unveils the largest hard drive ever designed for personal computers. The one billion byte (25GB) drive called the Deskstar 25GP is intended for home computers while the notably faster 22GB model, the Deskstar 22GXP, is intended for commercial applications. Yahoo! launches Yahoo! Spain.


Sony Dream Robot (SDR-3X)Sony unveils the Sony Dream Robots (SDR-3X), humanoid robots, at the Robodex 2000 trade show, the world’s first exhibition of human partner-type robots, in Yokohama, Japan. The SDR-3X can perform a variety of relatively high-speed, autonomous movements, including: walking backward, forward, or sideways even over uneven terrain at a speed of up to fifteen meters per minute; turn to the left or right while walking (up to ninety degrees with each step); stand up from the position of lying on its back or stomach; kick a ball; and dance to a wide range of music. The robot is equipped with speech and image recognition software and operates on the Aperios real-time operating system. It is only 50cm tall and weighs 50kg.


Microsoft and Samsung announce that they will develop a a low-cost handheld computer, which will feature a Samsung 200 MHz ARM9-based S3C2410 processor, the Microsoft Pocket PC operating system, 32MB memory, a 3.5-inch display, and Secure Digital card support.


Sony BMG Music Entertainment announces that it has suspended production of music CDs with the rootkit-like XCP copy protection technology that was designed to prevent users from duplicating music after it is discovered that certain viruses can exploit it as a backdoor. The announcement comes following ten days of controversy arising from the discovery Sony’s secretive use of the technology.


The first order is placed for an OLPC.


Microsoft, Google and Carl Icahn recieved a bill for 73 million dollars. This was for the operation including incremental costs of 37 million for outside advertisers to acquire all or part of Yahoo!

Google launched video chat for email

Argentine judges rules that 70 public figures are entitled to force Google to delete alleged defamatory material about them


Logitech discontinues all production of Google TV appliances. States they lost over $100 million in the revue

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