March 28

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Day in Tech History: March 28

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) introduces the PDP-11 microcomputer, featuring 16-bit words and an Unibus for attaching peripherals. This architecture will remain popular for decade, selling over a quarter of a million units in a variety of configurations. Read more about the history of the PDP at Hampage.


Texas Instruments (TI) officially exits the home computer market, after loosing millions. The production of the last TI 99/4A


US District Court judge Fern Smith grants Nintendo’s request for a preliminary injunction against Atari Games, in the lawsuits over Atari Games’ compatible security chip for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game cartridges. The injunction bars Atari Games from selling or copying copyrighted Nintendo programs for use in video game cartridges. Smith accuses Atari Games of lying to obtain Nintendo’s 10NES security program from the Copyright Office, then lying that it had independently developed a compatible code.


Kodak releases the Kodak DC40 camera, the second digital camera for the consumer-level market that connects to a personal computer via a serial cable. The first such camera was the Apple QuickTake 100 camera, which was released on February 17, 1994. Kodak will aggressively market the device to introduce the concept of digital photography into the mainstream.


Be releases version 5 of the BeOS operating system for Intel-based personal computers. Visit the official Be website.

Microsoft releases version 5 of the Internet Explorer web browser for Macintosh computers, Mac OS 7.6.1 or higher. The new version features a new rendering engine and performance speeds as much as fifty percent faster than version 4.5. Visit the official Internet Explorer website.

Version 5.6.0 of the Perl programming language is released. Visit the official Perl website.

Yahoo!launches the Yahoo!Photos photo sharing service. Visit the official Yahoo!Photos website.


Conexant Systems announces that Microsoft will use its CX25871 video encoder chip to connect the Xbox video game system to digital and analog television sets.


Microsoft releases the 64-bit Edition of the Windows XP operating system. Visit the official Windows XP website.


HD-DVD officially closes shop.

Wikipedia hist 10 million articles


Blockbuster announces streaming to TiVO systems

513-381-jerk - Its a number that you can call to get annoying fans kicked out of NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB and NCAA games


Java founder James Gosling joins Google

Robert Kimball steps down as CEO of RealNetworks

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