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Day in Tech History: June 20th

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Samuel F.B. Morse receives a patent for Morse code - AKA Improvement in the mode of communicating.


Alexander Graham Bell installs the world’s first commercial telephone service in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


Herr Schaetzle demonstrates a wireless phone for autos in Berlin, Germany.


The National Bureau of Standards dedicates the Standards Eastern Automatic Computer (SEAC) in Washington as a laboratory for testing components and systems for setting computer standards. The SEAC was the first computer to use all-diode logic, a technology more reliable than vacuum tubes, and was the first stored-program computer completed in the United States. Magnetic tape in the external storage units stored programming information, coded subroutines, numerical data, and output. Read more the the Computer Museum.


The infamous "Red Telephone" was set up - a hotline between Soviet Union and US following the Cuban Missile Crisis


IBM announces the 486/25 Power Platform processor upgrade kit for the IBM PS/2 Model 70-A21. Price is US$3995.

Lotus Development releases Version 3.0 of the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet application for MS-DOS and OS/2 two years after its initial announcement. Price: US$495 Upgrade: US$150


The TNT television network airs the made for tv movie Pirates of Silicon Valley, directed by Martyn Burke and starring Noah Wyle and Anthony Michael Hall, in the US. It is based on the book, Fire in the Valley: The Making of The Personal Computer, by Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine The movie is a docu-drama that follows the rise of the rivalry between Steve Jobs of Apple Computer and Bill Gates of Microsoft in the early days of the personal computer industry. Joey Slonick played Steve Wozniak, BTW


British Telecom (BT) claims the rights to hyperlinks on the basis of a US patent granted in 1989. Similar patents in the rest of the world have expired. Their claim is widely believed to be absurd since Ted Nelson wrote about hyperlinks in 1965, and that’s where Tim Berners Lee says he got the idea for the World Wide Web. This is just another in the line of similar patent cases.

IBM announced the availability of the 1Gb Microdrive, the world’s smallest, lightest and largest capacity mobile hard disk by a factor of three.


Ellen SpertusEllen Spertus wins the distinguished title of Sexiest Geek Alive 2001 in San Jose, California. Spertus is a womens’ computer science professor at Mills College in Oakland, California. She has a doctorate from MIT. As a prize, Spertus wins a home computer and a trip for two from geekcruises.com. To accept her award, she wears a PVC corset decorated with a printed-circuit board pattern and a black slit skirt, with a slide ruler holstered a to her leg.

US security company ZixIt reports that a cracker has accessed the credit card database of Anacom Communications Inc., an independent subsidiary of ZixIt Corp and that the FBI is investigating the incident. The story is carried by ComputerWorld online.


The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit charitable organization based in St. Petersburg, Florida that operates Wikipedia and its releated sites, was founded. The Wikiquote site is also created.


Viacom announces that it has bought Neopets, Inc. in a deal valued at approximately US$160 million.


Version 3.0 of the operating system Damn Small Linux, a Linux distribution that emphasizes size over function. The developers of the system claim that it will never grow larger than 50MB.


MW-Line, a Swiss boat-maker, has successfully piloted a craft across the Atlantic using nothing but solar power. from the Canary Islands to the Bahamas -- in just under a month

French government officials have been banned from using the uber popular BlackBerry devices for fears of foreign spying. Specifically, the issue has to do with the fact that RIM's servers reside in the US and the UK


SecureMac reported seeing new variants of AppleScript.THT Trojan horse in the wild affecting users of Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

The House of Representatives voted in favor of a "compromise" spy law that would shield AT&T and other companies from pending lawsuits accusing them of opening their networks to the government in violation of wiretap laws.


6 months prior, a 14 year old was robbed. He talked to the police several times, until he found that the Google Street car was passing around the time of the robbery. The car got the two assailants faces. Police had to contact Google to get unblurred versions of the photo to identify the two culprits.

One month and one week after buying Virtual Iron, Oracle closes the business down and incorporates the technologies into other products.

Nokia Siemens purchases Nortel’s wireless technology business for $650 million. This includes the CDMA, LTE and 4G Networks.


All Googlemail in Germany will finally become Gmail after a long holdout from a german company with the gmail trademark.


Google acquired mDialog for an undisclosed sum. mDialog is a video advertising firm.

Google and Microsoft agree to the kill switch technology - a California bill that was passed earlier in the year

Harley Davidson announced Project LiveWire - their first all-electric motorcycle

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