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Day in Tech History: June 12th

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The Swiss Army Knife is patented by Carl Elsener. Beginning in 1891, regular Swiss army soldiers will receive a version of the knife containing a thick knife blade, two screwdrivers, a can opener, and an awl, otherwise known as a punch. Officers will receive swiss army knives also containing a corkscrew.


The first 500,000 watt radio station began testing. W8XAR (now KDKA) in Pittsburgh PA tested the station from 1 AM to 6 AM.[1]


The Big Bang theory of the creation of the universe is supported by the announcement of the discovery of new celestial bodies know as blue galaxies.


A Federal Judge ruled that the parts of the communications decency act would restrict free speech. This would bring a lot of free information (like medical information) on the web illegal


3Com Corp. and US Robotics Corp. complete their merger. In describing the largest business deal thus far in the networking industry, 3Com CEO Eric Benhamou says, “The combination of 3Com and U.S. Robotics creates a networking powerhouse in the continuing development of enterprise and carrier networks, while helping usher in a new era of simple, fast network access for small businesses and consumers.” US Robotics’ work focuses on remote access networking and modems, while 3Com has independently concentrated on network interface cards and network systems.

The US Treasury unveiled the new $50 with a security thread embedded in the bill. The thread glowed yellow under ultraviolet light.

GNU 0.2 OS is released


Intel releases the Celeron 1.8 processor with a 1800MHz speed and a 128KiB L2 cache.


Don Herbert Passed away. He was otherwise known as Mr. Wizzard – teaching science to children young and old.


Nortel announces they will stop working on WiMAX technology for 4G. Microsoft makes one last offer to buy the search end of Yahoo for $35/share 


The DTV switch in the US is imminent. 2.8 million still are not ready for the transition.

A lightning strike takes down Amazon.com’s cloud service.

Facebook launched their “Vanity URL” program – Giving users a chance to get a specialized URl extension, like facebook.com/geekazine

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