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Day in Tech History: July 9th

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Johannes Kepler published Mysterium cosmographicum (Mystery of the Cosmos).


Nintendo released Donkey Kong. This game marks the debut of Nintendo's future mascot, Mario.


Bally debuts the arcade game Tron. It is a synchronous effort as Buena Vista Pictures releases the sci-fi film Tron


Atari begins shipping the Atari 520ST computer, featuring a monochrome monitor, 512kB RAM, 3.5-inch floppy drive, BASIC, and Logo. Price: US$800


British and Russian scientists using DNA genetic fingerprinting tests identify bone fragments discovered in Ekaterinburg in 1979 as those of the Russian Tzar Nicholas II and members of his family, who were executed on July 17, 1918.


AT&T Wireless becomes an independent company.


Apple Computer announces the resignation of Gilbert Amelio as CEO. Amelio was ousted as CEO of Apple by the board of directors after overseeing twelve years of record-low stock prices and crippling financial losses. His severance package is about US$7.5 million. Steve Jobs stepped in as the interim CEO and began a critical restructuring of the company’s product line.


Adobe releases version 7.0 of PageMaker, which was, historically, the first desktop publishing program. PageMaker is available for both Mac OS 9 and Windows. Read more about the history of PageMaker.


Yahoo!acquires Oddpost, a webmail service that simulates a desktop email client similar to Microsoft Outlook. Oddpost has new innovative features such as drag-and-drop support, right-click menus, RSS feeds, and a preview pane, but it is also incredibly fast, using e-mail caching to shorten its response time. Later, many of these features will be incorporated into an updated version of Yahoo!Mail.


Hitachi announces they have created a Terrabyte drive that only uses 3 platters. The current TB drives use 5 platters within the disc. This will bring down energy and heat issues for the TB drive.

Microsoft announces there is an issue with Word 2002 SP3. The vulnerability could allow hackers to access data remotely. You would have to download a specifically crafted document for the vulnerability to take effect.

The Microsoft DNS patch from the 8th causes Zone Alarm to not work correctly. After application of the patch and reboot, Zone Alarm causes the internet connection to break.

Dan Lyons, the former Forbes writer behind the Fake Steve Jobs persona, announces he is shutting down The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. Apple iTunes v. 7.7 releases


Netflix starts streaming to Net-enabled Sony Bravia TVs

Microsoft releases Silverlight 3 1 day before launch date


MegaUpload's Kim Dot Com extradition hearing was postponed until 2013 as search warrants were declared invalid.


ex-Ford CEO Alan Mulally joins the Google board of directors audit committee

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