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Day in Tech History: July 30th

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The Lisa Project to develop a US$2,000 computer similar to the Apple III begins under the leadership of Ken Rothmuller. The project’s target release date is March 1981.


The software applications bundled with the Apple Lisa finally operate together under the machine’s operating system for the first time.


Tandy announced the Color Computer 3, featuring 128K of RAM (upgradeable to 512K), output to a composite video monitor or analog RGB monitor, and a paged memory management unit which breaks up the 6809’s 64k address space into 8×8K chunks. This model is meant to compete with the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST systems.


IBM, Motorola, and Apple’s PowerPC announce an alliance to produce PowerPC processors.


Atari Corporation hosts a special meeting of stockholders in the offices of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, P.C. in Palo Alto, California. The meeting only takes about four to six minutes to vote on the merger between Atari Corporation and JTS Corporation. The outcome of the vote is approximately forty-two million votes in favor of the merger and about eleven thousand votes against, ratifying the decision. The new parent company will take on the JTS name while Atari will be designated a JTS subsidiary. Upon the conclusion of the meeting, Sam Tramiel arranges to pick up the severance checks for himself and his siblings. Jack Tramiel, former chief executive officer (CEO) of Atari Corporation, agrees to remain in order to assist the companies with smoothly transition.


Motorola releases the 333, 366, and 400 MHz PowerPC processors. The processors will be used in the upcoming PowerMac G3 Pro line, as well as a revamped PowerBook G3. The chips consume far less energy than the older, slower G3s.


Jcx.Software releases VS.PHP, a text editor, for Microsoft Windows.


Google acquires Omnisio to put annotations on video.

Scrabulous comes back on Facebook, this time it’s called Wordscraper – new rules and a different game board to skirt the Scrabble trademarks.


Apple releases the 2 TB Time Capsule with built-in 802.11n router for $499

UK health authorities – in attempt to reduce the number of STD’s – start giving away prizes to those who get checked.

Time Warner announces they will be partnering up with Clearwire WiMax.


Guy Adams had his personal Twitter account shut down because he tweeted NBC's top Olympic exec's email address. Guy worked for the publication - the Independent


Google adds new features to Hangouts Video chat software. Users don't need a Google+ account, and can do a 15 participant hangout from a Chromebox

Apple acquires for $30 million, then shuts down Swell.

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