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Day in Tech History: July 24th

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Caldera International buys DR-DOS from Novell.

Caldera International files an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft, seeking monetary damages resulting from Microsoft’s MS-DOS licensing practices. The lawsuit also seeks a court order for Microsoft to end all per-processor license agreements on any operating system, and end pricing policies that make hardware vendors dependent exclusively on Microsoft.

Press began covering difficulties from the installation of IBM systems at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. The company had more than three years to prepare its systems, IBM software installations began failing, and downtime causes erroneous reports, incorrect judgments, and misrouted data. IBM paid US$80 million to be named the “lead technology integrator” of the Atlanta Summer Olympics


Andrew Miffleton, age 25, of Arlington, Texas is sentenced in federal court to twenty-one months’ imprisonment and US$3,000 restitution. Miffleton, also known by the handle “Daphtpunk” associated himself with a group known as “the Darkside Hackers,” who were interested in using unauthorized access devices to fraudulently obtain cellular telephone service through cloned cellular telephones or long distance telephone service through stolen calling card numbers.

A French state prosecutor urges a court to challenge recent assertions made by Yahoo!Inc. assertions that selectively barring some Yahoo!auctions from users in France is an impossible task by appointing independent computer experts to investigate. Public concern focuses on a number of auctions that offer various Nazi memorbilia.

IBM introduces a commercial edition of the world’s most powerful supercomputer to date, the ASCI White. Also known as the RS/6000 SP, the computer is capable of handling up to 12.3 trillion calculations per second. Its speed is approximately thirty thousand times faster than a standard personal computer.

Novell first releases the Novell Identity Manager.


Yahoo!and Carat release a study showing that teens and young adults now spend more time online than watching television.


Atari releases the Atari Flashback video game console. The consoles come pre-programmed with classic Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 console games.


AMD agrees to pay US$5.4 billion in cash and stock to acquire ATI Technologies of Canada.


Geek artists and pranksters use lasers, LED lights, text messaging, and organic ingredients such as moss to make protests in the street

Yahoo Zimbra is released. This is a program is the first offline email browser. Zimbra was purchased for $350 million by Yahoo.

Voodoo, was a separate company ever since HP purchased them in 2006. HP has decided to change that as they would incorporate the Voodoo line into the HP line.

Hundreds of Twitter followers disappeared in a database glitch. Twitter puts out an apology and fixes the issue.

Hasbro officially sues the makers of Scrabulous for their scrabble-like game you can get on facebook. After hackers find out what the DNS flaw is, Kaminsky finally addresses the issues to the public

Microsoft acquires Datallegro, a data warehousing firm, to help in competing against Oracle.


Buy.com Fandango and Orbitz are amongst many websites that were identified to be coersing with a controversial marketing system from compnies Vertue, WebLoyalty and Affinion. They offer incentives for trying something, but people start finding their credit cards were billed monthly. WebLoyalty CEO Rick Fernandes said Buy.com--for a fee--enabled his company to charge people. This is a situation where the US Senate commerce Committee started looking into the charges.

Facebook finds a loophole that allows people to see others photos, causing privacy concerns

Microsoft announces a fix for a critical flaw that affects Visual Studio One. They run the fix outside their normal “Patch Tuesday” structure.


Upon completion of his Tech Guy Podcast, Leo Laporte walks down the street of Petaluma CA to officially open the TWiT Brick house. The first show to be produced was This Week in Tech Episode 311


Twitter announced they will release a tweet export tool. Users will be allowed to download all tweets they posted.


Google launched Chromecast - a small HDMI based dongle that allows you to get YouTube, Netflix, Google video, and other apps (coming) through your TV. Price: $35

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