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Day in Tech History: July 11th

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Happy World Population Day!


Mathematical calculations suggest it was on this day that Pluto moved from the ninth to the eighth most distant planet from the Sun for the last time before 1979.


In 1805, Luigi Brugnatelli, a friend of Allisandro Volta, electroplated gold onto silver by experimenting with some of the electronic ideas coined by Volta. By the 1850s, electroplating was big business, he noted. Nanotechnology was born.


Italian scientist Amedeo Avogadro publishes his memoir about molecular content of gases.


The first cultured pearl is obtained by Kokichi Mikimoto.


To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is first published.


First transatlantic satellite television transmission.


David Bowie releases "Space Oddity"


Chinese archeologists announced the uncovering of a 3-acre burial mound concealing 6000 clay statues of warriors and their regalia dating from 221 to 206 BC. The "Terracotta Army" was uncovered near the ancient capital of Xian.


The Last Slide Rule was manufactured


the abandoned United States space station Skylab returned to Earth, burning up in the atmosphere and showering debris over the Indian Ocean and Australia


Dr, H Harlan Stone announced they have made surgical zippers for patients whom might need more operations within a 14 day period.


According to the United Nations, the world population crossed the 5,000,000,000 (5 billion) mark.


The Eclipse of the Century was recorded. It stretched 9000 miles from Hawaii to South America


After court ruling, Microsoft has agreed to allow computer manufacturers to remove shortcuts for some Microsoft products from the Windows desktop


IBM is teams up with CenterPoint Energy over Cable over Power Line technology.

IBM announced the dual-core PowerPC 970MP - The Antares chip will scale from 1.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz


At an event in Manhattan on July 11, Oracle (ORCL) co-President Charles Phillips and other company executives released the first new version of the company's $10 billion-a-year database software since 2004. Oracle 11g .


Microsoft announces that on November 11th, they will finally be retiring Windows for Workgroups.

iPhone 3G goes on sale.

ContentNext Media, operator of paidContent.org, is acquired by Guardian News & Media


Russian parliament enacts a web blacklist for illegal websites.


Nokia unveils the Luma 1020 - the first smartphone with a 41 MP purview camera built in.

A district court found Apple conspired to raise ebook prices. Apple fought the DOJ, while 5 publishers already agreed to pay a total of $166 million to settle.

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