December 30

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Day in Tech History: Dec 30th

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Version 3.2 of the IBM PC-DOS operating system is released. The system requires 128KB RAM and is available on either one 720KB disk or two 5¼ disks.


Reuters reveals that officials at FedEx and UPS are not terribly enthusiastic about the upward surge in online sales. The increasing demand for deliveries to remote residential addresses and the multiple stops required when recipients aren’t at home is rapidly increasing the companies’ cost of doing business.


Bandai releases the WonderSwan Color handheld game console in Japan. The system features a 3.072 MHz 16-bit NEC V30MZ Clone, 64KB VRAM/WRAM, a 2.1 inch reflective TFT LCD screen, and four channel mono sound. Prior to the release, Nintendo held a near monopoly over Japan’s handheld game market, but, largely due to its low price, the WonderSwan will rapidly win over approximately eight percent of the market. Price: ¥6,800 (about US$65)


Facebook announces they will take down any pictures of Breast feeding

Gawker Media sells the Consumerist to Consumers Union (Consumer Reports). The details were not revealed.


Google aquires 188 patents from IBM, with another 29 patents pending. These patents dealt with some mobile telephony applications, but mostly database related patents.

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