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Day in Tech History: Dec 3rd

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The Control Data Corporation (CDC) announces the CDC 7600 Supercomputer. Many will later consider it the first true supercomputer. The system is capable of performing calculations at a speed of thrity-six megaflops, and it is equiped with a small-core memory of 65,536 60-bit words and a a clock speed of twenty-seven nanoseconds. It contains one hundred twenty miles of hand wired connections and is freon cooled. Both the Model 7600 and its predecessor, the model 6 600, were designed by Seymour Cray. Both systems, the 6600 and 7600 use the same software environment, making it a simple matter to upgrade to the 7600. Scientific and government institutions will primarily use the machine to execute large mathematical programs written in FORTRAN, using the FORTRAN 70 compiler the system supports. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will be one of the more notable organizations to use the machine. There, it will be used design nuclear weapons. Price: US$5 million"


"Pertec Computer, a manufacturer of computer peripherals, signs a letter stating its intent to acquire Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) for US$6 million in stock."


IBM announces that the Data Processing Division (DPD) will be absorbed into the new IBM National Accounts Division (NAD) and IBM National Marketing Division, which will become part of the new Information Systems Group, effective January 1982. The National Account Division’s headquarters are established in DPD office building in White Plains, New York. The DPD has been responsible for the release of a number of ground-breaking computer systems, such systems as the IBM 650 and the IBM 7090."


"The Sony PlayStationSony Computer Entertainment (SCE) introduces the PlayStation video game console in Japan. (US$399)"


Cisco Systems Inc. announces an agreement to acquire PipeLinks Inc. for around US$126 million in stock.


"In the US, President George W. Bush signs a piece of legislation called “The Dot Kids Implementation and Efficiency" Act of 2002? (H.R. 3833) into law (public law 107-317) to create a kid-safe “dot-kids” domain (, which will be implemented in 2003."


"Adobe Systems, a developer of graphics software such as Photoshop, acquires Macromedia, a developer of graphic and web design software, for about US$3.4 billion in stock. Under the terms of the deal, Macromedia shareholders will receive 0.69 shares of Adobe, worth $41.86 for each Macromedia share, a twenty-five percent premium on the $33.45 value of Macromedia’s stock."


Motorola CTO Padmasree Warrior steps down – following the CEO departure earlier.

Klausner Technologies Sued AT&T for $360 million over Visual Voicemail

Deadline for 700mHz auction passes.


Yahoo sells Launchcast to CBS Radio. Launchcast was a series of free radio stations on many different subjects.

Apple ammends it's lawsuit so it can try to find out who Psystar has for investors.

Steven Colbert asks people to get on iTunes at 5 PM to buy his christmas album. His plan is to knock off Kayne West's album at #1.

A glitch at SonicWall's licensing server leaves companies that use the subscription based security without access for several hours.


Google debuts Google Public DNS service

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