December 28

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Day in Tech History: Dec 28th

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The world’s first movie theater opens in the Salon Indien at the Grand Café in Paris, France. The theater makes use of a portable film camera and a functional projector, the Cinematographe, based on Edison’s experimental Kinetograph. Thirty-three people attend this first public show, at the admission price of one franc each. Their first film, La Sortie des ouvriers de l’usine Lumière, was created especially for the occasion. It shows workers leaving the Lumières’ factory in Lyon by foot, by bicycle, and by car. The theater is owned and operated by Louis and Auguste Lumières, who will refuse all offers to purchase copies of their equipment. View the film online at the Institut Lumière.


The IBM Data Processing Division (DPD) releases the IBM 1420 bank transit system. 1981

Elizibeth Jordan Carr - the first American Test Tube Baby - is born.


Compuserve blocks access to over two hundred sexually explicit sites, partly to avoid confrontation with the German government. Access to all but five will be restored on February 13, 1996.


United States President William Jefferson Clinton announces that the computers that control the nation’s Social Security payments are now Y2K compliant.


Anthony Clark plead guilty to writing and distributing a worm that launched a DoS on eBay


A Nintendo Wii running Linux is first demonstrated at the Chaos Communication Congress

Netscape announced AOL will discontinue their browser Feb 1, 2008

Warner Music Group announces they will sell music through Amazon


A judge announced that Terry Childs - the Network Admin that held passwords from the city of San Fransisco, would stand trial for his actions.

Windows 7 Beta 1 is released

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