December 26

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Day in Tech History: Dec 26th

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The first US patent for a coffee percolator (US No. 51,741) is issued to James H. Mason of Franklin, Massachusetts.


Edwin H. Armstrong patents frequency-modulated (FM) radio is patented. FM radio minimizes the static caused by interference that characterizes amplitude modulation (AM) radio. The first FM radio station won’t be built until 1937, though.


The National Machine Accountants Association (NMAA) was founded and chartered in Chicago, Illinois. The group will become the Data Processing Management Association (DPMA) in 1962 and the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) in 1996. The group offers support to information technology professionals.


Time Magazine awards The Man of the Year to a non-human for the first time. The computer received the honor as 1982’s greatest influence for good or evil.


The Biomedical departments Website at the University of Montreal was hacked and defaced.


Fox and Apple sign a deal for Fox to put their shows up on iTunes Apple shares hit $200 eGroups CEO Michael Klien and his daughter were killed in a small plane accident over a remote mountain of Panama City. eGroups was sold to Yahoo in August 2000 for $413 Million


Walmart officially announces they will be selling iPhones by the end of the year with a $2 savings than the Apple store. Google, Apple and Microsoft are sued over thumbnails - by a Arizona based networking company that holds a patent on document thumbnails used in Operating systems.

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