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Day in Tech History: Aug 7th


IBM president Thomas J. Watson Sr. formally presents the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (ASCC) to Harvard University in a formal dedication ceremony, after which it is called the Harvard Mark I. It is only the second program controlled machine, being preceeded only by Konrad Zuse’s Z3. The system is the result of Professor Howard Aiken’s research into computation, and it was financed and built by IBM.


The first photographs of the Earth from space are transmitted by the Explorer 6 satellite.


AOL crashes. All of its services remain completely inaccessible for 18 hours and 45 minutes, leaving 6.3 million subscribers without an Internet connection. The problem is caused by a glitch while installing new network software, which will finally be corrected at 10:45 EDT. AOL promises to provide one full free day of service to members’ accounts.


Apple announces that it has received 150,000 preorders for the iMac. Apple’s stock peaks at over US$40 a share, it’s highest value in over three years.


Version 1.08 of HydraBBS is released.


Palm introduces the Palm m100 handheld computer, featuring a 16MHz Intel StrongARM processor, 2MB RAM, 2MB ROM, a 2×2-inch monochrome LCD display, and the Palm OS 3.5 operating system. Price: US$149

Palm introduces the Palm VIIx handheld computer, featuring 8MB RAM, the Palm OS 3.5. Price: US$449

Palm unveils the Palm Vx Limited Edition handheld computer, a special version of the Palm V, with 8 MB RAM, available in Millenium Blue or Champagne color, only through the Palm website. Price: US$399


Bill Gates, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft, announces that Microsoft has agreed to donate US$7.2 million for a new computer science building at the University of Washington.

Covad Communications Group, Inc., an American provider of broadband voice and data communication services, announces its intentions to file for bankruptcy protection by mid-August in order to better manage its US$1.4 billion debt.

Microsoft appeals its antitrust case to the United States Supreme Court to reconsider an earlier lower court decision that declared that the company had abused monopolistic powers.

United States District Judge Nicholas Politan orders the government to reveal an Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) high-tech computer spy technique that was used to collect data against an alleged mobster.

Version 4.1 of the Self programming language.

Yahoo launches Yahoo! Education.


Version 9 of Autosketch, a 2D vector drawing, is released by Autodesk.


The MuggleNet fansite releases the first “MuggleCast” podcast. The show features discussions about the Harry Potter books and film series and a voicemail segment where listeners can send in feedback. After two days online, MuggleCast will become the number six most downloaded podcast on the iTunes US list of most popular podcasts and downloads, and, on August 14, it will reach the number one slot. Visit the official MuggleCast website.


Apple Computer, Inc. releases the Apple Power Mac G5 desktop computer in three models, each with the same case. The 1.6GHz model ships with 256MB of RAM, an 80GB hard drive, and a maximum of 4GB of RAM. The 1.8 and dual-processor 2.0GHz models ship with 512MB of RAM. The dual-processor model also includes an ATI Radeon 9600 graphics card.

MindArk announces the final sale prices from its July 2006 virtual real estate public auction in the Entropia Universe, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (mmorpg), totaled $213,784.00 US Dollars. The auction began on July 5, 2006 with an opening release of six new land areas full of hunting and mineral rights and closed late July with a total of thirteen of the properties sold. The various virtual land masses included remote snow covered mountains, riverfront estates, vast rainforests, jungles, and lake homes among others.

Version 1.0 of the Freespire community-driven Linux distribution is released three weeks ahead of schedule. This is the system’s first public release. It is based on Debian, Linux Kernel 2.6.14, and KDE 3.3.2


At the Red Hat Conference, Kaminsky gives more detail in what the DNS error was in efforts of awareness as to it’s volitileness.

Dell announces they are Carbon – neutral.


Craigslist asks search engines to stop indexing their posts. This follows a lawsuit where websites 3tap and PadMapper were harvesting rental listings to increase traffic on their sites.


In a Marketing attempt to boost the company name, Yahoo! runs a 30 day countdown to their new logo look. During the 30 days you will see different logos across the site.

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