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Day in Tech History: Aug 6th


Fidonet news editor Vince Perriello announces in FidoNews that the IFNA (International Fidonet Association) has been officially dissolved, having failed to pass a referendum on its control of Fidonet.


Tim Berners-Lee posts a brief summary his idea for the World Wide Web project (specifically, the line mode browser) to the alt.hypertext Usenet newsgroup. Later in the month, the post and conversation will spread to, comp.text.sgml, and comp.mail.multi-media. In the post, Berners-Lee writes, “The WorldWideWeb (WWW) project aims to allow links to be made to any information anywhere. […] The WWW project was started to allow high energy physicists to share data, news, and documentation. We are very interested in spreading the web to other areas, and having gateway servers for other data. Collaborators welcome!”


Father Leonard Boyle was reported to be working on a project that will put the Vatican's library on the web. This project was funded by IBM.


AOL acquires Imagination Network, one of the first online multiplayer gaming systems. Tim J. Stryker, a computer programmer and founder of Galacticomm and developer of both The MajorBBS and Worldgroup BBS software projects, commits suicide at the age of 41 in Colorado. Read more about the history of Galacticomm.


After eighteen months of losses Apple Computer is rescued from its financial troubles when Microsoft invests in the company, buying one hundred thousand non-voting shares worth US$150 million in an effort to deflect criticism in its own anti-trust trial. One of the conditions of the investment is that Apple must drop their long running court case in which the company alleges that Microsoft for copied the look and feel of their operating system when designing Windows. In return, Microsoft agrees to continue supporting MS-Office for the Mac for another five years as well.

At the Macworld Expo in Boston, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates“>Bill Gates announce a five-year alliance between Apple Computer with Microsoft“>Microsoft. Terms include: the two companies will cross-license all their existing patents along with any new patents over the next five years, Microsoft will release a version of Office for Macintosh over next five years, Apple will make Internet Explorer the default browser on all Macintosh systems, Apple and Microsoft will collaborate on Java compatibility, Microsoft will pay an undisclosed sum of money to Apple, and Microsoft will invest US$150 million in Apple stock and hold it for at least three years. Steve Jobs will join the Apple board of directors as the de facto head of the company along with Larry Elison of Oracle, and A.C. Markkula will step down.


Bill Gates, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of Microsoft, files plans with the Securities Exchange Commission to sell 1.5 million shares of Microsoft stock. The estimated value of those shares is over US$165 million. In a separate filing, Paul Allen, also a co-founder of Microsoft, submits plans to sell one million shares with an approximate market value of US$108 million.


EBay experiences a system failure at approximately 6:30am caused by “network anomalies.”

SNK officially releases the NeoGeo Pocket Color handheld video game system in the US, featuring a 160×152 pixel color LCD screen displaying 146 simultaneous colors of a 4096 color palette, two buttons, and a joystick controls. The system can operate for about forty hours on two AA batteries. Price: US$69.95


A couple are convicted of have been operating “the largest known commercial child pornography enterprise” ever are sentenced. Thomas and Janice Reedy are sentenced to to life in prison and fourteen years respectively. They collected upward of US$1.5 million monthly while operating Landslide Productions, Inc. in Fort Worth, Texas, which was proven to be selling subscriptions to child pornography sites operated in Russia and Indonesia.

Russian hacker Dmitry Sklyarov, age 26, is released from jail on US$50,000 bail and warned not to leave northern California after being arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at the Alexis Park Hotel on July 16th as he prepared to check out of the hotel and return to Moscow. Authorities allege that Sklyarov wrote a program that circumvents United States (US) copyright law by allowing users to access ElcomSoft’s proprietary e-book file format and was demonstrating it at the Def Con 9 hacker convention.


Version 7.0 of the Delphi programming language is released.


European antitrust regulators announce a preliminary decision that will require Microsoft to provide greater technical information to its server competitors and to reduce the ties between Windows and the Windows Media Player (WMP).


Microsoft releases Windows XP Service Pack 2.


The Bookmooch website is publicly launched by John Buckman. It first went into Beta testing July 23rd. Bookmooch is a community where users can swap used books. In it’s first year, it will receive attention from such media sources as CNet, The Inquirer, Yahoo Picks, and the USA Today newspaper. Visit Bookmooch.


Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes confirms the rumor that has been around for a few months – Time Warner and AOL will split starting next year.

Microsoft releases SQL Server 2008 - Microsoft VP Ted Kummert, adhered to a pledge he would dye his hair orange if the engineering team got the program out by the company's deadline. Carl Icahn officially got his seat on the Board of Directors for Yahoo Digg launches the Live toolbar for Firefox.

BitTorrent lays off 22 percent of it’s staff.

Google sells off the Performics search marketing group, which they acquired during the DoubleClick purchase, to the Publicis Groupe for an undisclosed amount.


Rupert Murdoch states that all of his web properties will eventually be walled gardens with pay-to-play access.

Twitter is brought down by a DOS attack. This attack also hit Facebook, but not as hard. It was found that a Georgian blogger was targeted in the DOS outage.

Microsoft purchases for an undisclosed sum.

Judge Kevin Gross denies the SCO Group ability to sell off assets so it can continue with the IBM Linuxlawsuit.


Apple announced they have removed YouTube from the native iOS. Google begins work on a standalone app

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's Twitter account raises 116 thousand - 15 percent being fake, paid accounts.

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