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Day in Tech History: August 26th


An nearly perfectly preserved Cro-Magnon skeleton is discovered by Swiss paleontologist Otto Hauser. Estimated to be thirty-four thousand years old, the remains provide an excellent example of man’s development.


The Crystal Space framework is first publicly released. It is a framework for developing 3D applications written in C++ and licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. It is popularly used as a game engine, but is general enough to be used for other applications.


Be Inc. releases Release 3.2 of the BeOS operating system for Intel-compatible processor-based personal computers. Updated features include more support for Pentium and PowerPC processors, improved DOS and Window file format support, faster animation, and an improved Web browser. Visit Be’s official website.

Gateway introduces the Gateway Destination computer, featuring a 333 MHz Celeron processor and 450MHZ PII processor, Price: US$1999 and $4999

The Win95.CIH virus strikes hundreds of computers, as many as five hundred in one company alone. The bug, programmed to attack on the twenty-sixth of every month, exploits a vulnerability of Windows 95 and Windows 98 and often deletes files which cause systems to crash.


Rick Latman steps down as president of, an Internet-based low-cost computer retailer, stating “…it’s time for a more seasoned management influence to take hold.” Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines is hacked by “Sarin”, gains access to network passwords and litters the site with South Park cartoon graffiti.


The Caldera International software company announces that it is changing its name to The SCO Group.

Intel releases the 2.5 GHz processor for $243, 2.6 for $401, 2.66 GHz for 401 and 2.8 for 508

TeamSpeak Systems first releases TeamSpeak, a proprietary voice over IP (VOIP) application that allows users to speak with other users through a chat channel, much like a telephone conference call. The application targets gamers, who can use the software to communicate with their teammates in multiplayer games, especially in MMORPG games. Communicating with Team Speak gives teams a competitive advantage by allowing players to keep their hands on the mouse and keyboards while playing.


Version 2 (v1.4.2_01) of the Java programming language.


A study is published in The Lancet that indicates that drugs based on homeopathy may not be more effective than a placebo.

US Scientists publish new data in the journal Science that supports the notion that the Earth’s core is spinning at a different speed than the outer crust. The data comes from a comparison of seismic waves produced by pairs of earthquakes occurring at the same location on the planet at different times. The results show that the inner core is rotating faster than the rest of the planet by about 0.009 seconds per year. Visit the journal’s official website.


MSNBC mistook the “Fake Al Sharpton” blog for Al Sharpton and quoted it regarding the Michael Vick Dogfighting case. 

Yahoo Mail drops their “Beta” tagline and adds SMS capability to their mail service.


HP closes the $13.9 Billion dollar EDS merger.

Google launches Ad Manager

Linux released updates – then announced that if you were on Ubuntu v. 6.06, you should upgrade to 8.04. They found NULL-pointed function de-references in the Linux kernel terminal handling code.

Psystar filed their answer to Apple's copyright infringement lawsuit and also a countersuit of its own, alleging that Apple engages in anticompetitive business practices with the OSX software.

Judge Neil Wake ruled that Jeffery Howell had willfully and intentionally destroyed evidence related to his peer-to-peer activities after being notified of pending legal action by the RIAA. Furthermore, since it was done in bad faith, it "therefore warrants appropriate sanctions," the site reported. The RIAA sued Pamela and Jeffrey Howell for copyright infringement in 2006, claiming that the husband and wife had used Kazaa to make copyrighted files available for download.


The Open Book Alliance, consisting of Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo have announced they will be opposing Google and their attempt to scan books for their open library.

Someone reports that the Loch Ness Monster is seen via Google Earth.


Steve Jobs resigns from Apple due to health reasons.

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