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Day in Tech History: August 25th


The first Computer Assisted Tomography (CAT) scan is taken.


Microsoft announces that it will be making the Xenix Version 7 Unix operating system available for the 16-bit microcomputer market. Microsoft purchased a license for the system from AT&T in 1979. Xenix varies from its 7th Edition origins by incorporating elements from BSD, and soon possessed the most widely installed base of any Unix variety due to the popularity of the inexpensive x86 processor.


The US District Court, District of Massachusetts begins hearing a suit brought by Atari, Inc. against the General Computer Corporation. The suit alleges trademark and copyright infringement of Atari’s Missile Command by General Computer’s game Super Missile Attack.


Bally Manufacturing agrees to acquire the assets of Sega Enterprises.


Linus Torvalds hints in a message to comp.os.minix with the subject line “What would you like to see most in minix?” in which he announces that he was “doing a (free) operating system.” He will receive several ideas in reply and even some promises for help test the program. The operating system’s first version will be released on a Finnish server as source code free to all in mid-September. The system will receive the name “Linux” from the server’s administrator, Ari Lemmke. Linus’ first name for the system will be “Freix,” a combination of “freak” and “Unix.” Read the original post along with a brief history of Linux.


Aftonbladet becomes the first Swedish newspaper on the Internet.


The Apple PowerBook 5300 Apple Computer releases the PowerBook 5300 series, the first generation of PowerBook laptops to use the PowerPC processor. The system features a PowerPC 603e processor operating at 100MHz, 8 MiB of RAM, a 640×480 pixel passive matrix greyscale LCD screen, and the System 7.5.2 operating system. This is also the first system to feature hot-swappable expansion modules for a variety of different units, including: ZIP drives, PC card slots, and infrared communication ports. However, the PowerPC 603e lacks a Level 2 cache, so, while the processor is on the high end of the processor market, it’s actual performance will largely prove a disappointment. Price: US$2300 - 6800

Garry Tramiel leaves the Atari Corporation after serving the company long and hard in high ranking capacities within Atari and the Federated Group of Electronics Stores.


The Netscape Communications Corp. announces that it has created a software company in order to enter into an alliance with IBM, Oracle, and four Japanese electronics companies, including: NEC, Nintendo, Sega, and Sony. The new company, Navio Corp., is intended to compete with Microsoft Corp. by creating a new operating system.


Novell, Inc. releases the first version of the BorderManager multi purpose network security application. BorderManager is a proxy server, firewall, and VPN access point.


THQ stock splits three for two.


Intel releases the Pentium 4 2.5, 2.6, 2.66 and 2.8 processors


Walter Wiggs, is arrested for unauthorized access to a protected government system in Southern California. Wiggs caused significant disruption to the Los Angeles County Child Protection Hotline from July 1, 2003 through July 4, 2003 by deleting critical configuration files from the system.

Hewlett-Packard introduces the iPaq h1935 handheld computer, featuring the Windows Mobile 2003 operating system, a Samsung 203MHz processor, and a secure digital slot. Price: US$249

Version 4.3.3 of the PHP 4.3.3 programming language is released.

Version 5.1 of the Kerio WinRoutel gateway firewall software is released. This version features improved online user monitoring, support for internet connection failover, an SIP protocol inspector, advanced logging options, customizable DNS forwarding, customizable redirect page for denying HTTP rules, detection of clients using P2P networks, and the ability to use DNS names instead of an IP in traffic policy.

Yahoo!and Entertainment Tonight (ET) announced a long-term relationship to launch “ET on Yahoo!” The exclusive cross-platform entertainment experience allows users to delve deeper into breaking entertainment and celebrity news.


Version 6.0 SP2 of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is released as part of Windows XP SP2. This version includes a vulnerability patch, a popup/ActiveX blocker, and a built-in add-on manager.


The FBI begin investigating the possibility that Chinese hackers have been hacking into US government computers. Turbine CEO Jeff Anderson announces that service for the fantasy MMORPG Asheron’s Call 2 will be shut down on December 30, 2005, and no additional content updates will be released. The announcement is a reaction to tepid sales of the game’s Legions expansion pack, which have failed to boost the number of subscription past the critical 35,000 user threshold required for the game to remain financially viable. Fans will be highly critical of the reaction, blaming the game’s poor sales on a weak marketing campaign and an insufficient retail presence. 


SanDisk launches the Sansa Clip – 1 GB = $40 and 2 GB = $60


Broadcom purchases AMD’s Digitial TV Services for $192.5 million - AMD's DTV assets include Xilleon integrated DTV processors and reference designs, NXT receiver ICs, the Theater 300 DTV processor, and a line of panel processors that perform advanced motion compensation, frame rate conversion and scaling.

FriendFeed launches a new version of their page which includes “Real Time” updates.

Google, I-Net Solutions, and some wireless equipment makers, begin working with the city of Milpitas to operate the network to provide free wireless service to government officials and also the residents.

Barak Obama had mentioned that he would send out his VP pick via SMS. At 3 AM, he made his pick and 2.9 million subscribers received the word that Joe Biden had been picked. However, no matter how fast computers are, I think that gossip is faster, for it got out before the text could be sent. BTW - Nielsen Mobile division calculated it, they monitored approximately 40,000 SMS short-code lines in the U.S. to come up with the final tally of 2.9 million.


Mcafee announces that Jessica Biel is the most dangerous celeb in cyberspace to search on.


Facebook sues claiming the suffix -book dilutes the Facebook brand.

Netflix debuts on the iphone

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