August 11

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Podcast Episode

Day in Tech History: August 11th


At the Macworld Expo show, Apple Computer introduces HyperCard with the HyperTalk script language, MultiFinder 5.0 co-operative multitasking, and AppleFax Modem for the Macintosh. Hypercard software allows users to create database applications with “cards” containing text, graphics, sound, and animation, linked to each other via hypertext links. The software will ship for free with new Macintosh computers, and costs US$49 for existing Macintosh owners. Microsoft releases the first version of its graphical operating system (os), Windows 1.01.


The Red Hat open source software development company goes public. It is the eighth largest first-day gain in Wall Street history.


The MSBlast computer worm is released to the Internet. It exploits a flaw in Microsoft Windows using a distributed component object model (dcom) remote procedure call (rpc). Despite the release of a software patch twenty-six days earlier, 9.5 million computers are affected.


The Omni Group released version 5.0 of the OmniWeb web browser for the Mac OS X operating system. This version includes tabbed browsing in which the tabs are displayed vertically in a drawer on the side of the window with the option of displaying thumbnails of each page.

The physical disc specifications for the BD-ROM (Blu-ray read-only memory) format for high definition video are finalized and published.

Version 5.0.4 of L0phtCrack, a password auditing and recovery (cracking) tool, is released for Windows.


Yahoo!acquires forty percent of for US$1 billion US, and Alibaba will take over operation of Yahoo!China


Electronic Arts changes the language in the terms of service agreement for the Ultima Online massively multiplayer online role-playing game (mmorpg) to make the creation or use of server emulators a violation of Ultima’s license agreement. The change comes in response to an increase in the number of players who use emulators reverse engineered from the game’s official servers. The increase is partly due to several free releases of the original client for download. For a list of Ultima emulators, visit Wikipedia.

The last software patent on the GIF format expires.


A computer failure left thousands trapped on planes and stuck for hours in the terminal at Los Angeles International for 10 hours. The glitch was fixed, and flights were back to normal by Monday.


Steve Jobs tells the Wall street Journal that within 30 days of opening the iPhone app store, Apple has made $30 million dollars. He also confirms that the App store has a blacklist and a kill switch for Apps.

Jeweler Tiffany & Co. announced they would appeal a federal court ruling stating eBay is not required to police counterfeit listings. The ruling happened in July because of counterfeit Jewelry with the Tiffany name has been up on the site.

Georgian sites were down over the weekend. Georgia had deduced it was coming from Russia. They coincided with an ongoing military operation happening at that time.

Google goes down – In the meantime we find out a power of Twitter as thousands flock over there to talk about it.


After a couple days, online URL Shortner announces they will stay online.

RealNetworks, after a year long battle, loses a critical ruling. A preliminary injunction is placed from selling RealDVD


Verizon releases the Android 2.2 "Froyo" update over the air.

Apple relases iOS 4.0.2 for iPhone and 3.2.2 for iPad. PDF vulnerability fixed in update

Verizon FIOS announces the first NFL 3D broadcast game will be Sept. 2nd between the Giants and the Patriots.

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