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History of Technology for April 8th

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Day in Tech History April 8

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German scientist, Dr. Carl Gassner, is issued a German patent for the first “dry” cell battery, which uses zinc as its primary component. (No. 37,758) He encased the cell chemicals in a sealed zinc container. Gassner’s battery is much like the carbon-zinc, general-purpose batteries popularly used today. Gassner will also patent his invention in Austria, Belgium, England, France, and Hungary by the end of the year. A US patent will be issued to Gassner in 1887. (US No. 373,064)


Harvard University votes to establish Harvard Business School


The Clash release their first album "The Clash"


Steve Jobs convinces John Sculley to take a position as president and CEO of Apple Computer. Sculley was president of PepsiCo at the time.


IBM announces that it will license Micro Channel Architecture patents to competitors.


Sun's Java team moves from Sun Microsystems to work in secret on its "Oak" development project (later re-named "Java.")


Microsoft Corp releases Internet Explorer 4.0


The Fair Trade Commission of Japan (JFTC) raid of the offices of Intel’s Japanese subsidiary during the course of an investigation of allegations that Intel violated Japanese antitrust laws in the processor market.


Software and storage company EMC announced that it will purchase Iomega for $213 million, or $3.85 per share

Yahoo adds videos to it’s popular Flickr site - The videos, limited to 90 seconds and 150MB, will be shown as thumbnails alongside users' photos, and will inherit all the features of photos stored on the site

The construction of the world's first building to integrate wind turbines is completed in Bahrain.


Facebook hits 200 million members

RIAA backs a Three strikes bill implemented by France to illegal file sharing. However, the French Parliment votes to not implement the bill.

A federal jury finds Microsoft has violated a patent owned by Uniloc and is ordered to pay $388 million. Windows XP, Office XP and Server 2003 infringed on the patent on how the product activation works.


Commodore 64 comes back from the dead.

Google signs deal with DOJ on ITA (Travel) acquisition


Microsoft announced they were selling their IPTV division to Ericsson.

Vine hits #1 on Apple App store - 6 months after Twitter purchases

Verisign announced that over 250 million domain names have been registered. Half of those are .com and .net accounts

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